I haven't seen my grandparents for more than just a few hours in a loooooooong time. And I would have never thought that my grandmother would actually invite me to visit them ...
I am so looking forward to seeing them again. Going to the beach, looking at sunets, walking along the beauiful forest, seeing big ships ... oh, how much I've missed being there *__* And I know that I'm gonna have a very good time ... =)

A year ... can you believe this? xD
... Minä rakastan sinua! Olen vain sinun ja haluan vain sinut =)

So this is it. The beginning of my last year at school. It always seemed so far away and now ... in a year, I'll already have finished school Oo
So wish me luck xD
(oh, and once I'm done with all of my test papers and everything ... London *___* with my love
and MY musical ... the original version *___* )

It'll be my 4th concert ... in just about 13 months Oo I'm looking forward to it so very much already. Can't wait to see them again ... to hear some songs live I've never been hearing live before ...

So, this is my birthday xD 19 ...
When I've been 15 I was given a card to my 21st birthday ... just as a joke. And my 21st birthday has been so far away back then. It'll only be 2 more years once I've turned 19 ... wow.
(No special changes due to my age, thought xD ... still 3 more years until I can go to all of the pups in Finland *g*)

And the next concert. Bloodpit again. Whohoo *yay*
I'd have liked the concert not to be on a week day, though xD Well ... we'll see.

Do I really have to say anything ... ?
Finland. 10 Days. 9 Nights. 5 in Helsinki and 4 in Tampere.
I will see it ... the beauty. The silence. And, hopefully, the snow *g* Everything.
And New Year's Eve in Helsinki will be the best one ever. With a - I hope - beautiful firework. And maybe a speech of which we won't understand a word xD (well, at least Nadine and I *g*). And a New Year's kiss infront of the Dome? ... ^_^'
I'm looking forward to it so very much!!! We're gonna have an amazing time *___*
(And yes, I will beat you to the Amadeus on our first evening in Tampere if you two lay in bed for just a minute once we are in Tampere ... *hihi*)

30.6.07 15:58

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