Bitte ... bitte bitte *g* *daumendrück*

Wie kann man einer Band SO verfallen Oo ok, ist nichts neues für mich, aber ... wie kann man einer DEUTSCHEN band so verfallen? xD Danke an JoE und besonders Dorian, dass das Bild der deutschen ein wenig gerettet wurde *rofl*

Bitte ... bitte bitte *g* *daumendrück*

1.6.07 22:03

This last week has - again - been one of the most wonderful weeks ever.

I can't even start explaining the way I felt ... for I felt so much. Again.

I can still feel you holding my hand, touching my arm, my lips, kissing me ... and even though it is weird to be alone again - it's worth it. For some day I won't have to leave again. And this day will come sooner than expected. And until then, I'll enjoy every time I can feel you close, every time I'm with you, every time I fall asleep and wake up the next morning next to you. And it will be just as beutiful as it's been before.

Olen vain sinun ja haluan vain sinut. ... ikuisesti

I love to remember every single second <3 ... and feel just like I felt then. And will again

6th june ... ^^

I could say so much more. Well, I have so much more things on my mind, but I don't know how to put them into words ... for words don't seem to be enough.

Minä rakastan sinua.

21.5.07 16:06

Off to a wonderful week ...

I'm looking forward to it so very much ... soon, my love ... very soon ^^
13.5.07 21:21

Ich bin verliebt ^_^'

DANKE an Pasi, Janne, Antti, TEEMU für die wunderbaren (auch bösen *hust*) Lyrics und JUSSI für ... naja. Für die absolut wunderschöne Stimme, die an so mancher stelle auch so wahnsinnig sexy ("tahtoo koskettaa" *umfall*) ist, für die wunderschönen Augen (ok, zugegeben ein Nachtrag vom Bloodpit video "wise men don't cry" ...

Mir würd sicher noch so viel einfallen.

Ich habe diesen Song ("Vnus" vor etwa 2 1/2 stunden das erste mal gehört, war total hin und weg, hab vor Freude erstmal geweint, nachdemk ich vorher schon eine halbe STunde voll hibbelig und aufgeregt am warten war. Dann ging meine scheiß Aufnahme nicht, aber (danke Mäuschen ^^) dann hab ich die Datei doch noch bekommen.

Und ich hab mal wieder festgestelt, WIE SEHR ich diese band liebe. WIE SEHR kann man eine Band eigentlich lieben? ...

... ich freu mich auf mehr.

oh, und ... meiner

8.5.07 21:46

Only one week left until...

* I've been listening to the new uniklubi song for at least 200 times I'd say
* a about 6 hour long drive by car with a lot of music
* I will hold someone very close again
* I won't let go of someone's hand
* I will ...
* a concert I will go to with Alina and Nadine and I am looking forward to it so very much
* I won't let go
* I will ... again and again

* so many great things ...

I'm looking forward to the following week so very much.
... all those great moments. I can't even say how happy I am when thinking about it ^_^'

7.5.07 17:39

I feel good

My chemistry test paper went ok today. I at least think it did xD I'll have my fingers crossed *g*

And now it's almost weekend ... almost monday. The new song. I can't wait for it. I'm so curious. Why isn't it monday already?

And then two more test papers and there won't be another one until the end of october *yay*

And not too long anymore and I'll pretend to be a smart and hard working student xD ... can't wait fot that as well ^^

And I'm so looking forward to being with you again ^^

I fell good right now. I really do. It's a nice day. Everything about it is just nice. (well, except for the fact that I'm actually freezing quite a lot *gg* )

3.5.07 15:48

It's a dream ...

I wanna be there. Soon. There were already very good chances of this dream coming true ...

But ... I guess I'll have to wait. I will wait ...

... gosh, I just wanna be there. So badly. I wanna see the wonderful blue sky, I wanna see the night with its sky which is never just black, I wanna feel see silence ... I wann see all of it and I wanna feel all of it ...

I at least wanna hear all of it, please ...

Maybe I'm sometimes hoping too much. But still, I can't just stop hoping ...

... still, I'll have to wait.

And, I'm sorry, but I'll have to kill someone if we won't manage to be there in december ...

3.5.07 09:13

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