which spell

could I try to read out so that you feel good again? finally good again ...

... without any bad thoughts of whatever kind.
Just happiness. Nice memories and happy thoughts about what will happen in the future.

No one to get on your nerves and nothing to get on your nerves ...


... is there a 'spell' like that?

13.10.07 14:18


bitte ...

... ich hab angst

Ich liebe dich doch ._.

17.9.07 19:56

I just

want you to be happy.
8.9.07 17:59

... why did they make me cry just like this ... ??? can anyone tell me?? ^_^'

Oh, I love them so so very much ...
9.8.07 15:25


... nicht mehr lange ♥ ♥

* 3:30 Uhr aufstehen
* 4 Uhr losfahren
* 5 Uhr einchecken
* 7 Uhr losfliegen
* 8:10 Uhr landen
* ein wenig später --> mein Mäuschen in die Arme schließen

* ... so much more to come ...

Ich freu mich so wahnsinnig. *__________*

4.8.07 12:35


Ich hab grad spam comments gelöscht udn war so im löschen drin, dass ich ausversehen auch so ziemlich alle anderen comments gelöscht hab ... ._. *heul*

auch so ein ganz süßer aber einfacher von meinem mäuschen als ich grad im mai bei ihr war ... manno

... also ... new comments, anyone? ._.

... and not long anymore ^^ countdown, baby

2.8.07 23:08

Fuck this

My mom's sick and it could turn out ok, but it could also turn out really really really bad. ... I'm scared. I'm so damn scared and I somehow still don't know what to think of it. ... *scared*

And fuck this damn spam which I get as comments every single day!! I get at least 10 spam comments per day and always as comments for one of my posts called "I feel good" ... different mail adresses, but always fucking spam ... for weeks already. Hello??? STOP IT!!

Now where can I hide for the rest of the day ... ?
(oh, I know where ^_^' )

12.7.07 20:28

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