31. Deceber 2006 and 1. January 2007
As I've already that, this was the best and funniest and craziest New Year's Eve I have ever had. And since Alina was not the only person around - special thanks to:
Nadine, Maksi, Bella. And a very special thanks to: Alina.

28. December 2006 - 7. January 2007
A lot of other
great and unforgetable moments. That was the best ending of an old year and the best beginning of a new year I have ever had. Walking through the city when it's dark, long breakfasts, dates and a lot of funny and also emotional moments. Thank you again, my love.

10. November
- in Berlin; Wild at Heart

4. November
- in Leipzig

3. November 2006
- in Berlin with Bia, Jenny and Sylvia

21. October 2006
This was my 18th birthday, but what is most important: This was when I have seen 1/5 of one of my favorite bands for the first time ever. Special
thanks to: Jenny for a very funny night. Antti for being so very nice and taking so much time to talk to us and of course also the rest of the band (The Scanditones) for the great gig.

13. - 17. August 2006
, thank you so very much for those 5 days with a lot of moments and memories that I will never forget.

12. August 2006
That is the day when I have seen a band that means a lot to me live for the very first time:
Thank you to all the people who made the day a lot of fun, even though the weather changed its mind about being happy after a while *g*
And of course, special thanks to: Negative.

July 2005
I first wanted to visit
California (Huntington Beach) when I have been very very little. In July 2005 I finally went there for the first time. I have had a lot of fun with a lot of nice people. Favorite time: 3 amazing days in San Fransisco, Basketball game, Magic Mountain. Special Thanks to: Claudia, my host family, our teachers

23. October + 24. Oktober
We Will Rock You
(3 shows)

19. April 2003

That was when I have first seen a musical that became very special to me, that I did love and still do love and always will love. We Will Rock You. There are a lot of stories to tell about my trips to that musical, a lot of experiences which I will never forget and a lot of very nice people I met and with whom I always had a great time. Favorite places: The Dominion, Starbucks at Tottenham Court Roard, Buckingham Palace, Millenium Bridge. Special thanks to: Katrin, Sandra, MiG Ayesa, Tony Vincent, Jenna Lee James, Peter Johannson, Brian May and every one else I've missed.